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February 02, 2008 Bliss
My 1st EB with Barangay Trivia

Since late October i've been playing with these guys at the trivia threads but i never talked with them. Eric is my first acquaintance from the lot. he urged me to post on the group meetup forum. i did and voila, instant kakulitan. i missed their first and second eb since di pa ako close close-an sa kanila.

from left to right (real name aka forum name <nickname>, position in brgy, outfit)
Arvy aka rowan <rowan>, the japanese newcomer lurker, in khaki
JD aka Bananafish <bfish>, the photo expert, threadmaster, in gray
Noel aka buboy01 <buboy>, the flirt and the choosy tanod, in white
Kris aka DownUnderBoy <dub>, the songmaster tanod, in navy
Jonas aka jons1 <mamajons>, mamasang sa karinderia, in red
Athan aka JeremyCroise <jc>, yours truly, tanod, in dark gray
Eric aka ericthing1/deadpool <eric>, pasaway, tomador sa kanto, in dark brown
Jhonard aka TEKKEN TAG <tekken>, secretary/GRO, in white

Napagplanuhan lang to sa loob ng isang  linggo. Madalian lang talaga. Ang original plan eh the following week pa since dub was scheduled to go to La Union but had the trip cancelled. So nalaman ni tekken na pwede mas maaga so scheduled it earlier. But since si mamajons naman meron conflict sa date suggested, she urged that we continue the meet up without her. The day before the meetup she informed that she cancelled the date with the boyfriend so free sya ng saturday. Saturday morning naglolokohan pa kami ni tekken sa threads na magkocostume kami. Sabi nya he'll join as Claire Redfield, ako naman as Leon Kennedy. Resident Evil ang theme nito. I joked with mamajons that she come as Jill Valentine but she refused, sbi nya as Lara Croft daw, complete with short shorts. hahah.

Many invitees didn't make it. Along the list is locoroco, oslam, s3xtr!pp3r, yaoming, yam27, doggychen, killes, press2play, and ericthing supposedly. locoroco is bfish's friend coming along but was unable to make it, so rowan was dragged instead. oslam was invited but since nasa baguio sya, goodluck nmang bumaba pa sya just for one event. s3xtr!pp3r had a dinner in ayala that night. yaoming is invited the 3rd time for the eb but he declined for unknown reasons, antisocial daw? parang ako nga mas grabe pa dun eh pero i made it. yam27 was invited only 3 or 4 days before the meetup. doggychen had work yata that night but said he would follow, eh since late narin ndi na sya sumunod. killes could not make it since his mother was sick yta. press2play had to go to subic that same day. Eric had already sent message that he would not be joining. but since mamajons texted him that someone wants to see him eagerly. Hmm... sino kaya un? ahaha.

The meetup was at Starbucks in MOA. I was the first to arrive at the place kasi i had to buy stuff and walk around the mall, second ko palang pumunta dun. I arrived at starbucks around 7pm, wala pa tao. So i texted mamajons and tekken. mamajons came late around 730pm yta. So i joined him at the smoking area outside the mall. Eh since wala pako experience with starbucks, i just sat there talking with mamajons. tekken came late past 9pm na ata kasi nagOT pa sya.

So we went to Music Mate KTV along Macapagal on mamajons car. dub had to call me to ask kung nasan na kami kasi we were late. Si tekken ang may kasalanan. We arrived at the place, si dub at buboy lang andun. We planned to take a smaller room sana pero baka dumami pa kami kaya dun kami sa larger room.

We started around 10pm na. bfish and rowan came around 11 yata. rowan was not a regular poster at the trivia threads kaya we were suprised who he was. and he didn't even sing a single song. then eric came last, he had a couple of drinks and one song. "How Deep is Your Love" which we sung as a duet. ahaha. He stayed for an hour cause he had to leave early to go to his roomie's party. So nagmamadali na nga sya so nagbgay na ng goodbyes, beso with mamajons and tekken; handshakes to dub, buboy, rowan and bfish; at smack sakin, well not only once. heheh

Dub is the star of the night. He had a really excellent singing voice. Kami ay mga hampas lupang audience lang na nagpipilit kumanta. heheh. We had a total of three pitchers of  beer. si tekken syempre ang gro ng bayan. Sayang nga at hindi nya ginawa ang pinapromise nyang lap dance. ahaha.

We stayed there for four hours. We came out around 2am. After dividing the fees (we excluded rowan since wala nman syang participation, nahiya siguro. ehehe.) meron pa sukli kami nila mamajons at tekken worth 200php. Since ndi na kami nagdivide nun, they decided we should spend it for food. Ndi pa kami kumakain that night.

So we sent the other 4 to ride a taxi going to malate. bfish and rowan went drinking there while buboy had to meet someone ata. dub was left in the cab going to qc. So, on we went riding mamajons car again to a Jollibee somewehere in Ayala. Dun na kami ngbreakfast.

Eh ndi naman yun lang ang use nun. Gawin bang chismisan area? ehehe. Nakakatawa lang kasi they, mamajons and tekken, were forming stories with the attendees. Kesyo rowan is bfish's bf, and meron daw relasyon sila buboy and dub. hahah. Pati ako nasama sa kwentuhan, me and eric! hahah.

After that, uwian na. Pero ndi ako nakauwi ng hindi nakakalimutang iemphasize ung cap ni eric na naiwan sakin. Leche!

The cap, i still keep but still easily forgettable.

The whole night filled with the experience of meeting those you only get to talk online is not.

The kiss, unforgettable most of all.

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