Linggo, Setyembre 8, 2013

Weeping Shadowhunters

Ok so I saw City of Bones like a week ago. I don't know much about the novels so I was in for a surprise. Well, I guess it was ok compared to a growning number of teen romantic-magical-asskicking novels. They also had the similar vampires, werewolves, and demons that have spawned the past decades' movie and book clubs. And no, they don't have zombies, they don't exist in their world. Let's see, if you wanna be a wizard, you'd be at Hogwarts hahah. If you wanna be a shadowhunter, ok this world would be perfect for you. If that even means anything. I've never heard of any kid wishing to be a shadowhunter when they grow up.

Anyway, there was this scene at The Institute where they show you the statute of Raziel, the angel who had given angel's blood to mix with human blood to create shadowhunters, a race of demon hunters of some sort. Looking at the statue, I remembered something. I never blinked. Fearing I'd be quantum locked hahah.

Ever heard of Doctor Who? The time travelling alien doctor from BBC? Well, that series also had their cult following. Apparently, there is this race of aliens that looks like angelic statues but they're not. They're some kind of psychopath killer angels. They can feed off your energy by teleporting you back to the past. Kinda freaky if you suddenly find yourself in a world with no mobile phones, innernetz, or worse, no refrigerator! I know, I'm scared! hahah

Anyway, these angels are harmless once any living creature stares at them. They turn to stone. Just like that. Easier said than done. They can move at light speeds.

Well, I only saw the clip on Youtube. Rather freaky I tells yah. I had to watch the entire episode to get the story. There's this girl named Sally Sparrow played by the gorgeous Carey Mulligan being chased by these weeping angels because she has the key to the blue policebox. She's with the cute and weird Larry Nightingale played by Finlay Robertson. "The Angels have the phonebox." Together they unlocked the phonebox without batting an eyelash. You have to watch it though to get the feel of the scene.

I think I would never trust any angelic statue--weeping angel, shadowhunter, Cupid, or otherwise. Cupids mostly. Because they fck up love and February for me hahah. Don't blink or you're dead! Good luck!

Sabado, Setyembre 7, 2013

Rainy days and, well... everyday

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. I don't know about Karen, but most people gets emo every time it rains. I know helluvalot of people who gets emo because it's almost Monday. But the two together may be a bit too much to some.

Happiness is a state of mind. In that case, sadness too is a state of mind. You can choose to stay sad because of something and maybe live in your land of perpetual rain. But you can also choose to look behind the gloom. It's just rain. We've endured lots of them, and floods too. But the sun will still shine. Look forward to that sunshine. And maybe rainbows too hahah.

Remember the fun times you had with rain. Have you ever danced in the rain? Splashed murky water with your friends?

I remembered way back in highschool a storm had passed by and there were a lot of flooded areas, no public transpos available. Manila, gates of Poseidon it would seem. I had to walk miles to get home. I was with some friends then talking about random stuff. And we didn't mind getting all wet.

Like I said, rainy days are just a state of mind. See the the beauty of  nature. The music of every droplet. Exploding on impact, like some watery firework, if that even makes sense. Because happiness need not make sense.


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