Lunes, Marso 31, 2014

An Open #mema Letter

Hello Blogosphere,

We meet again. It's been years since we last saw each other. Or so it seems. I haven't spoken to you and I did it on purpose I guess. I've been trying to control myself. My temper actually. Part of my  Dagdag Maturity program. Not because I'm 32 in a few months. (Oh gosh mawawala na ako sa kalendaryo). Because I really need it. For peace of mind. Choz.

I still do rant at times. Uncontrollable fits of rage. It's a sort of release for me. But I can't always limit myself to 140 characters. And somehow, social media has become scarier. I mean yah know, I can do whatever I want on the web but that would have an impact on my personal life. Like people will dig in and people will find things out. Like what you did on that party three years ago. Or what you said that night at Tagaytay. 

I'm extremely afraid how this will impact my career. I have LinkedIn and Jobstreet and I know people have the tendency to look into your other social media persona apart from these two. It's like a huge ring where everything is connected. It's the innernetz for gawd's sake.

Ok fine. Maybe I'm overreacting. But I do have plans to grow up in my career. And it doesn't help if I'm angry all the time. I'm looking for inner peace. Clarity, serenity, and all that shiz as well. But that won't stop me from writing my personal opinions, k? Last time I checked I still have the right to makapagpahayag ng sariling pananaw. I'll just make it non-ranting. I will try. I pramiz!

So stick around. I'll be back on track. Not a daily thing though but I'll be back. Back with the crazy, non-offensive, nonsense drafts.

Respectfully yours,


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