Linggo, Hulyo 11, 2010

Party of 1

Lone chair by kyle_t via Flickr.
All that remains is just an empty chair.

Yah know my heart skips a beat everytime someone describes someone I'm so into like "he's like you." In a way, it's like my emotional oscilloscope is desperately radar-ing for someone within the wavelength.
I tire from this life-long search for THE ONE. I think I already found my soul mate, one who gets how I think and feel. We're friends and that's the best thing it could get. Matters of finding one to share your soul is one thing. Matters of finding one to share you heart another. I can only handle some time of distracting the heart and mind before collapsing.
This constant search for one like me is taking too long. And then I just thought, maybe, just maybe, I'm not looking for some like me. Maybe I'm looking for JUST ME. And it wounds me the thought that I can ONLY love myself. I should stop looking for my clone.


My scariest nightmare would involve me going to lovapalooza ALONE. Not that I would. It would be against reason or just plain common sense. I may not know what is the sound of one hand clapping, but I know well that one pair of lips trying to kiss produces no sound nor sensation nor spark. Care to share yours? hahah

Implikasyon: Tigilan na ang Whitney Houston* overdose.


*I believe the children are the future... singing bee ito pramis.

Magba-blog ako ng diary entry ko next time. Yung lighter ang mood. Shett alam na kapag umi-english ako. Grammar Nazi Alert! Time space warp ngayon din!

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