Linggo, Hulyo 4, 2010


Birthday Cake by Matt Comi via Flickr.
That's not my cake, but it wouldbe  ok to have 13 candles.

Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh


Ok fine I'm moving one step closer to the edge of the calendar. Not that it scares me, I mean its already three years past since I've marked that I should've done everything in my life... but failed. hahah

So I've turned 28 this year. I've been joking with my friends that it's gonna be my leap year, I'm skipping counting this year. Next year na lang.

Trivia: Did yah know that every 28 years the placement of days on the calendar will be exactly the same. Some would argue against it, it will take 7 years daw. Duh. Have you forgotten to count leap years?

So anyways, I was born on a Sunday around 2:45 PM as per my certificate of live birth. Born under Cancer in the western skies, and a Dog under the eastern star system. Both signs under the element of water, which is mostly associated with the emotions. That's where I get all my emo-ness, not just once, but twice! Imagine?! hahah

And it gets worse during the full moon. The last time was last week during the Lunar White party. Mejo balisa at wala sa wisyo. The other time was during 2009's Blue moon, but that was self-imposed emo-ness.

Okay fine ako na talaga ang madrama pero di naman halata. Sabi ni Ian, "Cancerians tend to have a hard shell." Kaya naitatago ko yung mga kaemohang iyan.

Heniweys, my numbers are also mixed up. So I'm 28 now, but I look 21-ish, my mind thinks 14-ish, but my heart feels 35-ish. Bakit di na lang lahat 28? At kailangan talaga lahat multiples of 7? (or pinilit ko lang ipasok sa 7s) heheh
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh
You better ring the alarm.
And now I'm quoting K-Pop songs. Son seemed to enjoy the song on blast on his earphones. I didn't even get what the message of the song is.

But I think I needed that. Fire I mean. In Pokemon culture, fire is ineffective against water. I need all the fire I can get to dry all that excessive water levels. Now na!

And before I get too emo I have to thank the special little monsters who made my week. Regular blogging will resume after a while.

Thanks to my FSR family for the greets and wishes particularly to my Flora, Fauna and Merryweather: Jackie, Jun and Nhoy.

Thanks to Fab5 for the pasta party. Thanks to Ken for accommodating us. To Ezz for the lugaw at tokwa. Amoy bawang at luya pa rin yung kamay ko heheh. To Jan and Mjay and Pau for being there. Wait, wag na si Pau dahil kuripot magpa-ice cream.

Thanks to Son for the Kropek and Gilbey's gin. Bangagan sa Katipunan. Lurvett!

Thanks to Larnie, Jen and Ate Sha for the Hungry Hippo moments. Tipid muna tayo this week.

Thanks to Mam Zen, Irene and the gang for the back float lessons. Kahit papano eh lulutang na ako.

Thanks to Arvy for the free full body massages. Go na!

Thanks to Ferdie for the doggie stuffie. Thanks mom for the Clive Cussler novel. Thanks Anskie and Romeo for the choco cake.

I had a fun week so there's really no reason to be down.
Heypi ako. Heypi ako. Heypi ako. Heypi ako... *repeat to fade*
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