Martes, Hulyo 6, 2010


Pink eraser by Pink Sherbet Photography
"Erase! Erase! Erase!" ~Ate Marya

Biglang enter frame si Sher one morning. Kakagaling lang sa isang rough awayan blues with his ex boyfie. I thought break na sila, pero parang ganon talaga ang general feel from both camps. He had insisted na it's the end na... period. No erase. To infinity.

Out of the blue sinuggest nyang manood ako ng isang vid from youtube. Since walang sounds ang bulok na PC ko sa office, sinend na lang nya yung lyrics.

Listen to One by Mary J. Blige and U2. It's really nice promise. It's angsty and at the same time pleading. Wrapped in a tone of "you have only yourself to blame."

Athan: Oooh angsty. I like it. Kasing levelling ba ni Alanis ito? heheh

Sher: Ayy hindi ganun ka indie as Alanis. It's classic rock. A rebellion from a soul level.

Athan: I dunno if I've heard it sa radio. Useless kasi mga stations dito sa office, puro tagalog at pop songs lang. Sukang suka na ako sa Baby at 21 guns. Help!

Sher: hahahahha. I love this part: "Did I disappoint you? Or leave a bad taste in your mouth? You act like you never had love and you want me to go without. Well it's too late tonight to drag the past out into the light"

Athan: Hmmmm... may pinaghuhugutan?

Sher: Naman! Kasi when you love dapat give it all and don't look back. And I expect the same. Yun lang. This is my anthem now. Well... I should say anthem... period.

Athan: hahah. Wag mo tutuldukan ang mga salita mo. Baka sa future maghagilap ka ng fluid corrector.

Sher: I don't believe in liquid corrector... It makes things messy. I believe in starting a new sentence. If it just paraphrases the previous thought it just means it's important.

Athan: So. Is. It. Better. To. Say. Things. In. Periods. Rather. Than. Go. Back. Question. Mark.

Sher: Yes

Athan: Well, at least you're giving it emphasis.

Sher: Like. Let's. Have. Sex. Period.

Athan: Omg. Nakakaloka yung last na sinabi mo. Yung period. hahah

Sher: ahahahahahahah. hay. Periods only mean the beginning of a new sentence.

Well ngayon they're back and vacationing abroad. Happy for them. Baka ganun nga, they're on a new sentence because they're important for each other. Nagkaroon ng emphasis sa sex love life ang small glitch na nangyari.

Yung story nila wala pang period. Lagyan na lang ng ellipsis... like everyone else's....

Moral of the Story: Laging magbaon ng eraser just in case. You can never can tell.

Sher inunahan na kita. Waiting for the more poetic version of this conversation....
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