Sabado, Marso 16, 2013

Repeat to fade

You know when you meet someone new, you get to know them and then you get attached. Then suddenly it stops. Paranoia steps in and you're drowning in a torrent of thoughts and emotions.

I'm at that stage now. Like a million times before (maybe I exaggerated... just two or three persons doing things on repeat). Is it me? Did i do something wrong? Or didn't do anything at all. Sucks not knowing the answer.

What can i do? I'm built with softer material than most other people out there. But that's me. I'm crazy, weird, stupid, in love, broken.

I should stop this. I need to stop overthinking. I need to stop overfeeling.

Wag masyadong mag-assume. Nakamamatay.

Photo by RandomChu via Flickr.
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