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Fear Factor?
February 13, 2009

Friday the thirteenth was just a few days ago, another would be coming next month. Duh! I remembered I told my friends before that that I will wear black to celebrate the two days succeeding. The day was supposed to be casual Friday but my senior, who was absent on Thursday, told me and Diosa to call the client to set up the fieldwork for Friday. So there we were in formal attire when suddenly she came in wearing a souvenir shirt from Cebu and some jeans. WTF?! Diosa was so pissed off not being able to wear casual for the nth time.

Anyways, we spent the last couple of days hanging out and one day we talked about an episode I saw in Camera Cafe which led me to posting a Word for the Day everyday. The pilot was valetudinarian, then effervescent, and then lexical. I knew the 13th would come so I was saving paraskavedekatriaphobia for Friday, but she beat me to it, and picked a random word from Merriam Websters' site: slumgullion which is apparently a meat stew. The phobia would have been a cooler word. If you look it up, it'll mean fear of Friday the 13th.

So there I was waiting for my curse the whole day, which never really came, except for being late which is almost an everyday routine for me. There's no lightning nor rain. Just an absolutely ordinary day. I closed the day with hanging out with my friends talking bout my bitchy boss. I'm not afraid of her. I've no problem with her, I have a problem about how she keeps ignoring everyone else. Just like Diosa told me, "Nakakaawa sya!" Sya dapat maawa sa sarili nya. Matakot ka sa karma. No man is an island, I just hope she knows that proverb.

So what is fear then? Is it the screams you have after you wake up from a nightmare? The chills you get while a cockroach flies at your face? Everyone has his own and there would be times we have to conquer them on our own. Don't be afraid to take risks. Who can tell the places you can reach. Only heaven knows, only time can tell.
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