Sabado, Enero 11, 2014


2014 has just started and rumors have been spreading like wildfire about the new device Apple would be releasing within the year. By September we expect to see the new iPhone6 as scheduled. This has become an annual thing, ain't it? 

But what I'm excited about is the new phablet from Apple, to be released by May, if we believe the rumors to be true. This will be the first time Apple would be venturing in this size of market. They're calling it the iPhone phablet, though I really hate the word phablet, like the worst portmanteau evarrr! IKR! If this would be true, Apple would be calling it other than iPhablet, something they would market as cool. Like iPad Micro, or other.

It reportedly has a 4.9 inch display. It will run using the A7 chip currently used by iPhone5S. I'm not entirely sure of the details, everyone has their concept on the device. Still, take these with a grain of salt.

I really like the Samsung Note 3 but I'm not getting that. I'm not a fan of the whole Android market thingy. I'll just wait until we have an official word from Tim Cook. Until then, I'm shelving this together with unicorns and balrogs category.

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