Huwebes, Enero 9, 2014


Empathy is a gift, a friend once told me. Many times I feel I channel emotions of people around me. Yet my friend diagnosed me I am not an empath. Might be I am not gifted, nor do I exhibit heightened levels of understanding others' mental state.

But many times I feel I do. Not like a fantastical point of view where I experience their pain or anguish or glee. It's just that I feel I am easily influenced by their emotions. Like some sort of airborne virus.

Yet many times still I hold back on these emotions. Not showing any signs how I feel. I feel the emotions building up inside, about to erupt. And yet I do not show it off. Imagine Kristen Stewart, with an ever constipated look. I pass it off like it would do no harm. Not that I am numb, I feel them, I do. 

How can one appear numb when it is slowly killing him inside?

Photo by kingkongpong via Flickr.
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