Linggo, Pebrero 7, 2010

Idle Hands

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Hands to Heaven

February, 2010

So up til now I'm not in the mood to write anything. I have 4 blog drafts or so from past meetups with friends, some dating back to December. I just lost the creative juice, do I really have it or I just imagined it?

Anyways, right now I'm still a bum. I spend most of my days online chatting or playing games. I've finished Musashi Samurai Legend, closing the two titles under Square-Enix, and I'm about to write a review on those but I'm too lazy as well. I'm playing God of War on PS2, I never thought I'd love this game filled with all the gory-ness you could imagine. The game hangs up every time to load the next scene, and I have to pray over that it loads. As in, may pagme-may-I-impositio-manus please. Reminder: it's really not advisable to buy pirated cds if you have the means, better to download them online then burn up your own hahah. I'm still hoping I can finish up the game before the cd gives up entirely.

For draft reference, I have to finish:

1. My Enchanted Kingdom adventure with P5
2. Weekly adventures at DABBA (it's an abbreviation of 5 subdivisions in Pasig-Cainta dabbah?)
3. Those indie films we watched at DABBA
4. Tekken Fever
5. Wildlife walkathon with FSR
6. Something about this damned month yah know

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