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To Osidius the Emphatic

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...This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

“How happy is the blameless vestal's  lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd.”

~Eloisa to Abelard, Alexander Pope
Opening litanya ng status ni Red sa YM yan one day. Natuwa ako kasi namention yung eternal sunshine na movie. With my trusty google and wiki friends eh natunton ko ang source ng linya.

Line 207-2010 from the poem Eloisa to Abelard by Alexander Pope, ang basis nito ang illicit love story ni Heloise at Pierre Abelard. Pierre was a teacher to Heloise although he used his undue influence to seduce her. They hid their affair, na later naging secret marriage kung saan nagkaroon sila ng anak called Astrolabe (Astrolabe is also an ancient astronomical instrument used to predict the position of the Sun, moon and stars.) Her family then knew and he was castrated as an act of vengeance. He later entered the monastery to atone for his deed. She was forced to enter unwillingly. In the end she never asked him forgiveness but forgetfulness knowing her love can never be returned.

Abelard und Seine Schulerin Heloisa by Edmund Leighton

Instant connect the dots to the movie, borrowing line 209 of the poem, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Kinailangan ko pa magdownload nito via torrent. Isa sa mga laging napagkekwentuhan namin ng bestfriend ko'ng movie kahit di ko napapanood. Well recommended film daw ayon sa iba. After 6 years saka ko pa lang papanoorin. I dunno, akala ko naman kasi another crazy movie by Jim Carrey.

Jim plays the serious and shy Joel who one day wakes up and ditches work to go to Montauk where he meets the crazy and impulsive Clementine. Kahit wala sila anything in common they fall for each other.
Marereveal na si Joel ay nag-consult sa isang firm called Lacuna para magperform ng erasure kay Clementine sa memory nya. The procedure, some sorta kinda form of brain damage. Papatulugin ka nila after then mag-start na ang actual erasing ng memory.

The storytelling used is filled with dream sequences and flash backs, from how they broke up to how they first met. Joel sometimes has the ability to shift action within his dream/memory. According to a friend, sa preliminary stage ng nonrapid eye movement sleep kung saan mababaw pa ang tulog, pwede mo macontrol yung dream minsan. Nagamit yon ni Joel with Clem to help each other sa pag-iwas maerase.
The last segment ng dream/erasure featured how they met at Montauk beach. They wondered what if things were different. They then kissed goodbye before wishing each other that they start again.

Isa sa gusto kong scene yung date at the frozen Charles River gazing up at the stars.

Clem: Show me which constellations you know.

Joel: Um... oh... I don't... know any.

Show me which ones you know!

Okay... okay... oh! There's Osidius.

Clem: Where?

Joel: Right there... see? Sort of a swoop and a cross, Osidius the Emphatic.

Clem: You're full of shit, right?

Joel: Nope. Osidius, right there, swoop and cross.

Clem: Shut the fuck up!


Nagkita uli kami ng isang dear friend nung May 29 ng madaling araw sa Malate after ng binagyong AIDS Candelight Memorial. May ininvite pa syang friendly friend (na crushy ko hahah) at surprised ako dahil tinatawag sya sa real name nya (alam kong may-I-invoke my right to privacy lagi si friend) kaya nag-phone-in question kaagad ako. Pinaalala ko na in one of the parties we've been eh merong nakakakilala sa kanya. Ni-confirm pa ang real name nya sakin. Pero sadly di sya natandaan ni Red, as if naerase or pilit inerase sa memory. Infernezz naman to Red, sabi nya kelangan daw super blissful to leave a mark or uber traumatic to leave scar yung isang tao sa buhay nya. Kelangan palong palo sa radar kumbaga dahil ang in-betweeners eh parang langaw lang na dumapo sa isipan na dali-daling binugaw o lumisan.

Nabagabag tuloy ako. Ako ba nakakapag-iwan ng imprints sa mga nakilala ko?! Have I been enjoyable as a company to warrant a place in memory lane? I'm sure naman di ako trauma dahil wala pa naman ako'ng nakaaway ng bongga noh.

Dahil jan I leave a simple wish and prayer to Osidius, kung nasan ka man... kung totoo ka mang nag-eexist... kung di man kita makita ever.... I know you can feel me, empath ka nga di ba?!

I wish I'd be able to hold on to memories, the good, the bad, or otherwise, so I will have time in the future to laugh at it, to cry, to smile or to just be able to recreate the feelings (may reenactment dapat na maganap) to celebrate life and how I've learned from them. Or you can send me a lifetime supply of Memoplus!


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