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Geek Alert: HP and Kibuishi

The Harry Potter series recently had a fresh update of covers in time for his 15th year anniv. I know, I haven't even read the books yet I'm so excited. Well, I did read through the first one til the 16th-ish chapter I think. After that I had to return the book to the owner lest I forget all about it. I did get to watch the movies though. All except the 5th one hahah.

Anyhoo, the first book's on its 15th anniv of its US release yay! What started out as a children's fantasy novel actually ended more mature than some, I dunno, vampire wannabe novel hahah. It is illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi, an American graphic novel artist and illustrator. Well he was born Japenese. And I think he's cute hahah.

The original American cover by Mary GrandPre featured Harry on a Nimbus catching a Snitch. This one looks cooler showing Harry being led by Hagrid at Diagon Alley.

On a side note, I also like the UK Bloomsburg signature edition covers by Clare Melinsky. The art is very minimalist.

It also features art at the back cover, all showing Harry's back on a particular scene in the books. The coolest one would have to be the final showdown with Voldemort.

Also, I've just seen the Swedish cover for Deathly Hallows and I really liked the anime-ish style hahah. Plus the illustrator Alvaro Tapia is also cute hahah. Or maybe I'm just too biased on the guys. Kebs.

To see all seven illustrated by Kibuishi and GrandPre, click here: Scholastic.

For a listing of HP covers, you might want to look at this site: Linto Experiment.
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